Importance of Values

Our values are what support our vision, shape our culture and reflect what our company values.

These four shared values help us make informed decisions.

We collaborate with Franchise Partners, Suppliers and Internal Networks to meet shared goals.  |  We communicate effectively by listening and being open to others’ ideas, thoughts and contributions.  We manage conflict efficiently and equitably by being professional, fair and reasonable in all of our dealings.  |  We build internal and external relationships to exchange ideas, resources, experiences and know-how to constantly improve.  We constantly seek input from our stakeholders to ensure our plans are relevant and practical.  |  We grow and develop ourselves and our people.

We look for ways to constantly improve from small tweaks to radical change.  |  We take action with a sense of urgency, energy and enthusiasm.  |  We look for and share progressive ideas with others.  |  We hold ourselves, our team and others accountable to commitments.  We are always on time.  We look for ways to go above and beyond the day to day.  We learn quickly from our mistakes and share those learnings with others.

We are passionate that every customer interaction is consistently exceptional.  |  We constantly seek insights into customer behaviours and needs so that we can support our stores and Franchise Partners in delivering to our high standards.  |  We put the customer experience at the centre of our decision making.  We want our customers to be loyal advocates by providing great food that represents value for money, in a clean and friendly environment.  We are hands on and spend time in our stores to really understand what it takes to serve our customers well.  We ensure our internal customers enjoy the same exceptional service in all interactions.

We are always direct and truthful, offering constructive feedback and insights. | We come from a position of trust, assuming others have the best intentions.  |  We are consistent in our words and actions.  We reward achievement by recognising and celebrating the contribution of others, creating the environment for others to do the same.  We put issues on the table as it’s safe to do so.  We always comply with required legislation or obligations.