Red Rooster National Publicist – Meet Stella Katsaros

Red Rooster: January 22, 2019


In her previous life as an entertainment publicist, Stella Katsaros worked with some of the nation’s most well-known shows, talent and productions including Neighbours, Eurovision, Australian Idol, Big Brother, the Socceroos, Triple M, 2DayFm and more.

Stella Katsaros Red Rooster National Publicist

It’s a world away from the food industry, but the Red Rooster National Publicist is relishing the various challenges. Stella is always busy utilising her extensive experience (and little black book of contacts) to gain the best possible mainstream media exposure for the brands.

“Over the years, Red Rooster might have advertised across channels such as TV, radio and outdoor, but the brands had not really received much traditional mainstream PR exposure – that is, editorial.” she explains. “When I joined two and a half years ago we were tasked with taking the brands’ profiles to the next level – we needed Australia to talk about us and the media to keep us front of mind.”

Stella (who now affectionately calls herself ‘The Chicken PR’) says the main function of her job is to bring the iconic chicken brand to life through storytelling.

100% Australian owned

“We have had some fantastic media coverage over the past few years. We are talking TV and radio, major newspapers and more, taking the brand into the mainstream, and telling our stories to the nation while reigniting Australia’s love for our brand and our chicken.”

“I’m pretty stoked with how far we have come. We are now regularly supported by media, the public and even celebrities. It’s been epic seeing our hardworking franchisees and crew get the recognition they deserve and a massive thrill to witness our brands making front page news. But our work here is never done. There’s always more stories to tell and more people to instil with our passion.

Stella’s job is to ensure that everyone understands our story and passion. Sharing that, above all, we are always front and centre with consumers. A lot of people still don’t know that Red Rooster 100 per cent Australian owned and operated. Many people don’t realise what it is about our people and our food that makes us iconically special.


Stella comes from a family of successful small business owners. She remembers playing behind the counter of her parents’ take away food shop. Despite starting her working life in retail (her first job was selling women’s shoes at age 14) she went on to study law. However, her heart was always in the media game (she is a ‘talker’ after all). After getting a job at SBS as a publicist, she soon rose up the ranks and had well and truly found her niche.

Describing herself as “loving, loyal and loud”, Stella has become very passionate about this latest role, and has a lot of admiration for Craveable Brands’ business and people. She also LOVES all things chicken (and chips).

“Red Rooster is just going gangbusters and I couldn’t be more proud. There are towns in Australia which might not have a post office but they have a Red Rooster! How awesome is that? How can you not love the fact that we play an integral part in people’s lives and have done so for almost five decades? We are giving amazing business opportunities to thousands of ambitious Aussies as franchisees and jobs to thousands more. Red Rooster may be a big business but at the core it’s all about the people.”

“We have amazing, qualified, knowledgeable, capable people from all walks of life working here at Craveable (who owns & operates Red Rooster) and they inspire me every day. It is a privilege to be able to take their stories to the world.  Our franchisees are the real heroes and I feel like we are truly one big family. I really love that about this place.” she says.


Red Rooster is experiencing an unprecedented growth.

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