Red Rooster Marketing Manager – Meet Amanda Burwood

Red Rooster: February 7, 2019

From big supermarkets to pineapple fritters – building a brand begins with the customer

A Melbourne girl, Amanda admits that she loves food and being customer-focused. Being passionate about Red Rooster comes naturally to her! As a former marketing and campaign manager for McDonalds, Woolworths and Universal Music, Amanda brings a wealth of experience to her role as Red Rooster Marketing Manager.

So, when it comes to implementing brand strategy, creative campaigns, interpreting customer insights and managing relationships, Amanda is in her element. What’s more, she has a real passion for the history of the brand. She says she still remembers the first time she ever tried Red Rooster.

“I was a teenager in Geelong and decided to try out the food at this new store”, she explains. “I bought a Tropicana Pack. It was utterly delicious, and I was hooked! To this day I still remember that moment clearly… and I must admit I love our chicken and chips.”

It’s these memories and experiences that Amanda wants all Aussies to enjoy today. “Red Rooster is such an iconic brand with a long 45-year-old history. It has a special place in the hearts of many Australians and we really want that continue for the next generation,” she says.

“We want all our campaigns as well as franchisees to really convey that passion and loyalty to their customers.”

Listen to customers

Amanda, who possesses a psychology degree from Deakin University, says understanding what customers want in terms of food, service and delivery is vitally important to the business.

“Whilst we already have amazing food, in the next five years I see us continuing to modernise the flavours to bring in new customers. I feel there’s a lot more we can do to get customers in the door to invite them into a welcoming space.”

“We really want to tap into where the customers’ mindsets are at. We want to know how they want things priced, whether they’re happy with the food, the ambience and the service – the good, bad and the ugly. Whilst we’ve achieved a lot in this space, there’s always more work to do.”


Admitting that she loves a challenge, Amanda was instrumental in helping to transform the fortunes of Woolworths several years ago when it was struggling in the market.

“I helped revive their value strategy which was instrumental in turning the company around. I’m vitally invested in always looking through the lens of the customer. Through these experiences, I’m constantly looking to push the boundaries to focus on how we at Red Rooster can improve and ensure our messages are on point and resonating with customers.”

Awesome place to work

She says this depth of understanding and openness is something that helps to make Red Rooster successful at a corporate and franchise level as well.

“I always feel to run a successful business you need to understand every department’s problems, struggles and challenges and work collectively to support that. It’s better to be open and honest with each other than just concentrating on your own interests. We have a great culture here and it’s an awesome place to work.”

The self-confessed foodie, who loves to run, shop and eat, says she always aims to deliver advertising and marketing campaigns that are relevant to consumers.

“We don’t just want to deliver a beautiful ad, we want to produce something that really delivers on what customers need which is a great price, tasty food and how it can be convenient for them through delivery and drive thru. We always want to keep it real, and that’s part of our success.”

Red Rooster is experiencing an unprecedented growth.

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