Women in Business: Mimma Battista, Chief Executive Officer, Chicken Treat

Chicken Treat: February 7, 2023

Craveable Brands celebrate the women in their business. Photo by Daniel Wilkins/The Photo Pitch

Chicken Treat’s Chief Executive Officer Mimma Batista is a focussed, fun and energetic business leader.

As Chicken Treat CEO, Mimma sees herself as the custodian of the brand. Her role, as she sees it, is helping the business grow and deliver profitable outcomes to franchise partners, nurturing talented individuals, and continuing to delight and surprise customers with craveable food and outstanding customer experiences.

Her career started in advertising before she moved over to insurance broking. It wasn’t until she bought her own cafe years later that she found her passion for food. After successfully operating the business, and later selling up, Mimma used her experience as a launchpad towards a career in restaurant franchising. The rest, as they say, is history.

Mimma believes the qualities of a good leader are the same regardless of your gender. These qualities include courage, passion, resilience, trust, respect and drive to succeed. “To me leadership is about being fearless, taking ownership and not being afraid to roll up your sleeves,” says Mimma. “It’s about identifying talented people around you and supporting their success.”

Through mentors, Mimma was guided on the path to becoming a CEO. Fostering this environment can help see even more women in leadership, she believes. “We must continue to promote a diverse workplace and set up mentorship programs to encourage and support women in leadership,” she says. By promoting a diverse workplace, women are championed in leadership, says Mimma. “The strength of diversity in business provides different perspectives, supports a culture of respect and inclusiveness, and delivers innovative and creative solutions.”

Her advice for anyone looking to progress in their career is to find their passion and talents. “If you love what you do you will thrive and succeed,” says Mimma. “Surround yourself with talented diverse people, cultivate a culture of trust and respect and be open to feedback. Most importantly, be your best self!”