Why Join Craveable Brands? From Craveable Brands’ CEO, Karen Bozic.

Craveable People: November 1, 2021


Karen Bozic, CEO Craveable Brands. Photo by Jane Dempster/The Photo Pitch

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re craving to own an iconic Australian food business, and that’s exciting for us because our mission at Craveable Brands is to grow brilliant Craveable food businesses that leverage the scale, capability and the people we are made up of.

Craveable is a pretty important word to us here, not just because that’s what we’re called but it really means something in our business. We want to be Craveable to franchise partners like you, because you have the opportunity to be part of our business and do brilliantly at it. We also want to be Craveable to our team. We want team members to crave to be part of our system and work in our stores and we want customers to crave our food and to come into our stores more often.

Craveable Brands is different to any other franchise business in Australia because we are the largest Australian born and bred QSR business in the country and that means we’re masters of our own destiny, we aren’t beholden to some global juggernaut.

There are a lot of benefits to becoming a franchise partner in our network. The instant benefit is that you’re part of a family, and we mean that quite genuinely. It means you have support across all processes and people. We connect you with resource, know-how and capability, which sets you up for success in running one of our great Australian iconic businesses.

What makes a great Franchise Partner?

First and foremost, a successful franchise partner has to have a real love and passion for people and by people I mean that you’ve got to love customers and you’ve got to make it your passion in life to delight them.

Secondly, you must commit to building, developing and coaching great people in your business because they really underpin your success.

Great franchise partners are involved in their business so they can work in it, but they can also pull themselves out of it in order to gain perspective and see what needs to be done.

Successful business owners have a focus on investing in the business to further drive their success.

You need to be commercially savvy – great franchise partners know how to drive that next level of sale and they leverage the people around them to unlock it.

I see the most successful franchise partners driving operations and costs, time and time again.

If you’re looking to buy a food business and potentially looking at one of ours, I’d say go for it.

Our brands have serious momentum right now but what’s really exciting is we have real plans that are already underway and delivering results and you want to get in now so you don’t miss that opportunity.

The future of Craveable is really bright, our brands have great momentum right now but what is really exciting for me is that we’ve got great plans that are already underway and delivering and you really want to be a part of that.