Women in Business: Sharyn Cetinic, Head of PMO – Technology, Craveable Brands

Craveable People: April 11, 2023

Craveable Brands celebrate the women in their business. Photo by Bianca De Marchi/The Photo Pitch

Sharyn Cetinic is a tenacious, fearless and empathetic leader. 

Making her start at a law firm, Sharyn worked her way up to become a paralegal, managing her own clients in victim compensation claims. Until she realised that life in law wasn’t for her and she used her skills to pivot into franchising, where she has been for the past 20 years.  

Now the Head of PMO – Technology, Sharyn says that her late mother has been the inspiration behind all of her achievements. “My mum always displayed confidence and ability to conquer anything that came her way, whilst always being supportive and compassionate to others. I strive every day to be like my mum and make her proud,” Sharyn says.  

With the help of career mentors, Sharyn was empowered to go after leadership roles. “I learnt so much about leadership from my mentors, and I still reach out for guidance from time to time,” she says. For Sharyn, the most satisfying part of being a leader is helping her team reach success. 

For leaders, Sharyn believes that being open to learning and inspiration is vital. “Inspiration is all around us,” she says. Women in leadership specifically require inner strength and belief in themselves,” she says. Being trustworthy, and trusting, is another important quality. “Great leaders empower others to reach their potential,” Sharyn says. 

While women have faced stereotypes in the workplace, Sharyn believes the tide is turning. “More women are being given opportunities that previously you would only ever see men offered,” says Sharyn. “More flexibility in the workplace in general I believe is also helping open doors for women.”

Flexibility is an important factor in opening the door to opportunity, says Sharyn. “We can support women by ensuring that infrastructure is in place to support a more inclusive and flexible workplace. We can also challenge traditional views of merit in recruitment and evaluation.” 

Sharyn’s husband and children are her greatest cheer squad. “They always support me through the ups and downs,” says Sharyn. Balancing work with well-being is a challenge that she’s constantly striving to achieve. “I always ensure I am present for my children. I take time out when I can by exercising and catching up with friends over drinks and good food.” 

For anyone with the dream of growing their career and becoming a leader, Sharyn says that the advice of a mentor is invaluable.  “Find a good supportive mentor to provide advice and guidance on your journey,” she says.