Women in Business: Samantha Bragg, Chief Executive Officer, Oporto

Craveable People: January 30, 2023

Craveable Brands celebrate the women in their business. Photo by Bianca De Marchi/The Photo Pitch

We’d like to introduce you to Oporto’s Chief Executive Officer, Sam Bragg; an inquisitive, calm and kind businesswoman. 

As CEO, Sam oversees the strategic running of the Oporto brand. Her background spans many industries, including wine, skincare, fitness and now food; “I’ve  loved my career to date and I’ve been fortunate to work in some great brands and businesses,” says Sam. 

Sam’s first leadership role was marketing director of Australian Vintage. She attributes her success to one of her career mentors. “I had a fantastic boss who I see as a mentor today,” says Sam. For Sam, getting to where she is today has come with its challenges. “My first challenge was managing my own paranoia,” says Sam. But instead of focusing on the negatives, she’s turned them into a positive. “I’ve learnt that it is what keeps me propelling forward and continuing to drive performance,” she says. 

As a mother of two girls, Sam is always doing her best to ensure she is present for the moments that matter. She credits her own mother for her success in this. “She taught me to be independent, but also courageous enough to chase my ambitions,” Sam says.  Outside of work, Sam’s priority is spending time with her girls and maintaining her own well-being. “The hard bit can always be finding time for yourself and for me it’s about committing to my fitness. Exercising lifts not only my physical but my mental fitness.” 

To Sam, leadership starts with believing in yourself and trusting your own capabilities. “Leadership is about diversity and different people bringing different experiences to the table,’ she says. “Diversity in business broadens capability, innovation and creativity.” Sam has a clear vision for championing women into leadership and diversity at work. “It starts with making concrete and measurable commitments to have a diverse workplace,” says Sam. “And then ensuring that everyone has a voice and can contribute with openness and honesty.” For those early in their careers, Sam believes remaining curious and investing in your own development are the keys to success. “Try and learn something new through participating in short causes, webinars or listening to a podcast,” suggests Sam.