Women in Business: Jess Gill, Chief Customer Officer

Craveable People: January 11, 2023

Craveable Brands celebrate the women in their business. Photo by Bianca De Marchi/The Photo Pitch

We’d like to introduce you to Jess Gill, our tenacious and caring Chief Customer Officer. 

Jess runs the customer team at Craveable Brands. She handles our digital channels, insights, analytics, supply chain and design studio. 

Jess describes her career as ‘unscripted’. She started her working life at McDonald’s while at university. Upon graduating, she moved into television production which saw her move to the UK and into marketing and strategy roles.  “I have had the privilege of a truly diverse career. I believe in grabbing any opportunities that come my way,” says Jess. Along the way, Jess says it’s her network and peer group that has empowered her to succeed. “There is always someone at work that you will connect with. These are the people you need to hang onto as they empower you to be your best self,” says Jess.  

To Jess, leadership means steering the ship, being a safe pair of hands and asking the tough questions. “Loving what you do is critical to being a good leader,” she says. “Passion is inspiring and infectious if it’s balanced. Even in a crisis, I’ve yet to meet a leader who isn’t absolutely spent yet exhilarated by getting their teams through. Because they love what they do.”  She believes that the best way to see more women in leadership roles is to lead by example. “The best way to support female leadership is to model it,” says Jess. “We need to act as mentors and be safe harbours and sounding boards. Women need to help women by opening doors for them and ensuring they have adequate training and opportunity.” Jess would like to see businesses enabling flexibility, training and further education along with equal pay to better support women. “It still amazes me that we’re still talking about this in 2022, but for as long as it takes, we must!” 

Diversity is fundamental to the success of a business, says Jess. “Diversity ensures independent and different thinking. Harnessing and embracing that thinking is what makes good companies great.  Without it, we’re just ticking boxes. ” 

Outside of work, Jess is supporting her children or walking her dog. Her idea of salve for the soul is deep belly laughs with friends. “It’s the most cathartic thing of all,” she says. 

Jess’s reminder for anyone looking to expand their career is that leading is not managing. “It’s inspiring, coaching, mentoring, lobbying and being patient. If you feel you need to do people’s work for them, you’re not ready to lead,” she says.