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Craveable People: December 25, 2018


Tyler Mason may be only 22, but the Craveable Brands Enterprise Services Manager already has many years’ experience with the company under his belt. Tyler is a prime example of just how someone can progress their career with Craveable Brands.

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At the age of just 13, Tyler started his career as a humble kitchen assistant washing dishes at a Perth Red Rooster. He wasn’t shy at making his ambition known, and quickly went on to progress up the ranks. First Crew Trainer, then Assistant Manager, then Franchising Assistant Trainer, Implementation Analyst and then Senior Support Analyst whilst completing business qualifications at TAFE.

Impressed with this driven young man, Craveable Brands offered Tyler the opportunity to grow his career by joining the team at the head office. That’s when Tyler picked up his life and moved to Sydney when he was just 20. Starting in Sydney as the Assistant Service Delivery Manager, it didn’t take long for another promotion to come his way, which is the role he holds today.

Reasons to believe in the business

Tyler is one of the company’s rising young stars, and now oversees any continual service improvement in technology that sits across the brands – an area of utmost importance for the future of the company. In short, he’s the tech guru at Craveable head office!

“Craveable Brands has always just been who I am, it has shaped the person I am today,” he explains. “I just really believe in the business. The company family values and supportive environment are aligned with my own values. Basically, the brand is me and my own personal brand is Craveable as well.”

Tyler says since joining the Sydney head office, the technical support team has gone through some rebranding.

“We did a big migration of a Sydney based support team over to our Craveable Philippines office which was a huge change for us. However, that’s been one of the best things we’ve done as a team and a department. We have been able to turbo charge the customer experience. Historically the IT department wasn’t customer centric and focused, however, now it is. Our team in the Philippines are amazing, professional and team players, so that’s something I’ve been really proud to have been a part of.”


Tyler says one of the keys to the ongoing success of the business is really understanding the perspective of what the franchisees and restaurants go through every day.

“Understanding the franchisee’s needs and restaurant functions impacts the decisions we make in all departments including IT. I’m always thinking to myself, how does this actually impact a franchisee, how will it benefit them? And because I spent so much time working in stores myself I have a unique perspective that has been invaluable.”

As for the future, Tyler says that the power of data and technology shouldn’t be underestimated.

“In terms of customer information and forecasting, that area will grow substantially over the next five to ten years,” he says. “We’re already looking at things like wi-fi enabled ovens – it’s really cool but it’s a question of how do we make it relevant which still makes sense for a franchise partner to buy into it? It still needs to make sense in terms of the business.”

Always on the lookout to better himself

Tyler likes to read self-improvement and business books in his free time, and also likes to indulge in the latest tech gadgets.

“I’ve got all sorts of things around my house,” he laughs. “Smart gadgets, voice activated lights, you name it. I’m just so excited by technology.”

Moving away from home at a young age and not knowing anyone was a huge challenge for Tyler, but he says he’s never shied away from an opportunity.

“The best thing anyone ever told me was that you only get out of life what you put into it. That absolutely goes for your career as well. Moving here was the best thing I’ve done and I’m really looking forward to what the future with this company brings.”


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