Lovers take note: Australian women choose fried chicken over flowers

Chicken Treat: February 14, 2019

Chicken Treat marketing team has commissioned a nationwide survey that has found that a quarter of all Aussie women, and 65% of men, would prefer fried chicken over flowers this Valentine’s Day.

In the 25 to 34-year-old age bracket, nearly half of all women want fried chicken, not flowers from their romantic partner on the international day of love.

The national survey showed the idea of traditional romance has well and truly peaked by the mid-20s, with 54% of all respondents between 25-34 choosing fried chicken over flowers.

Meanwhile, the youngest group, 18-24 year olds – are proving to be the starry-eye romantics with 60% favouring flowers.

Valentine’s Day - Chicken Treat / Australian women choose fried chicken over flowers

Chicken Treat Head of Marketing, David Harrison, said the iconic WA Brand commissioned the research, unsure what it would deliver. “It started as an idea around the table, then we decided to take the plunge and explore it for Valentine’s Day. What better day to see what people really think of romance?” Mr. Harrison said.

What do we want for Valentine’s day? The results:

“We had no idea how people would respond, but it’s clear now that Valentine’s Day is becoming less traditional for many people, with women not that far behind the blokes.” David said.

“While there is still a large proportion of romantics out there, what this research clearly showed was that fried chicken is preferable to wine and roses, for a huge part of the population.” he said.  “The results may find several people scrambling to alter dinner plans on the big day.”


Key Results: Overall, 43% of participants said they would prefer to receive fried chicken on Valentine’s Day than flowers.


By Gender:

  • Over a quarter of Australian women surveyed said they would prefer fried chicken
  • Not surprisingly, males voted in majority (65%) of receiving fried chicken on Feb 14.


By Age:

  • 54% of respondents aged 25-34 prefer fried chicken
  • 60% of respondents aged 18-24 prefer flowers