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Women in Business: Samantha Bragg, Chief Executive Officer, Oporto

Craveable People: January 30, 2023

Craveable Brands celebrate the women in their business. Photo by Bianca De Marchi/The Photo Pitch We’d like to introduce you to Oporto’s Chief Executive Officer, Sam Bragg; an inquisitive, calm…

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Women in Business: Jess Gill, Chief Customer Officer

Craveable People: January 11, 2023

Craveable Brands celebrate the women in their business. Photo by Bianca De Marchi/The Photo Pitch We’d like to introduce you to Jess Gill, our tenacious and caring Chief Customer Officer. …

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Women in Business; Leigh Jacobs, Business Consultant

Craveable People: December 8, 2022

  Leigh Jacobs of Craveable Brands. Photo by Trent Light/The Photo Pitch We’d like you to meet Leigh Jacobs, WA Senior Business Consultant for both Oporto and Red Rooster. She’s…

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Women in Business: Nicola Gannon, Corporate Lawyer

Craveable People: December 2, 2022

Craveable Brands celebrate the women in their business. Photo by Daniel Wilkins/The Photo Pitch Corporate Lawyer and business leader Nicola Gannon is persistent, ambitious and passionate.  Starting out as a…

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Craveable Brands' FY22 Annual Award Winners

Craveable People: October 6, 2022

People are at the heart of every business, and we recently celebrated some of those that have made a difference at ours. Last week, we announced our FY22 Rising Star…

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Why Join Craveable Brands? From Craveable Brands' CEO, Karen Bozic.

Craveable People: November 1, 2021

  Karen Bozic, CEO Craveable Brands. Photo by Jane Dempster/The Photo Pitch If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re craving to own an iconic Australian food business, and that’s exciting…

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Karen Bozic talks leadership on the ARA Retail Therapy Podcast

Craveable People: July 7, 2021

In episode 4 of the ARA Retail Therapy podcast, Craveable Brand’s CEO, Karen Bozic, joined Paul Zahra in the AMEX Lounge to chat about success, leadership, food retail trends and…

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Safety Within the Craveable Community

Craveable People: May 14, 2021

 Supporting the safety of our people is our top priority here at Craveable Brands. Underpinning Craveable Brands’ ambitious growth plans for 2021 is our value of care for the people…

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Craveable Brands Appoints New CEO for Oporto

Craveable People: May 10, 2021

We’re pleased to announce that a long standing member of our leadership team, Samantha Bragg, has officially been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Oporto. At Craveable Brands, we’re passionate about…

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Supporting Career Development Fundamental to Business Success

Craveable People: May 3, 2021

While feeding more than a million customers a week across our 580 Red Rooster, Oporto and Chicken Treat restaurants, Craveable Brands also aims to nourish the ambitions and career aspirations…

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Technology Driving Customer Convenience and Network Connection

Craveable People: January 27, 2021

580 restaurants. 13,000 employees. 1 million customers per week. From how we communicate, to ordering and collecting our food and even where and when we ate, it all changed in 2020…

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Survival Strategy turns to Framework for Success

Craveable People: January 20, 2021

Historically, QSRs have performed strongly during times of economic uncertainty because, put simply, people have to eat. But Craveable Brands’ rapid response to the challenges of 2020, which have included…

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Adapting in Uncertain Times

Craveable People: September 17, 2020

In the September edition of FCA Franchise Review Magazine, Craveable Brands CEO Karen Bozic discusses how a business comprising of 3 brands, 580 restaurants and over 13,000 employees adjusted to the…

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From Product Development Specialist to New Product Manager | Jeremy Stait | S1/E8

Craveable People: March 25, 2020

Career pathways… whether moving vertically, laterally or cross functionally… it all happens here at Craveable. Jeremy Stait started working at craveable brands as Product Development Specialist, and his passion for…

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From receptionist to Office Manager | JJ Lisboa-Senecky | S1/E7

Craveable People: March 11, 2020

Career pathways… whether moving vertically, laterally or cross functionally… it all happens here at Craveable. JJ started working at craveable brands as the Fabulous Receptionist but her attitude made her…

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From store cleaner to IT Specialist | Shannon Ward | S1/E6

Craveable People: March 4, 2020

Everything is possible at Craveable Brands – really. Hard work pays off in our company – and when we find great talent we know it is on us to train…

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From NDP Assistant to NDP Specialist | Ashlie Presland | S1/E5

Craveable People: February 26, 2020

Career pathways… whether moving vertically, laterally or cross functionally… it all happens here at Craveable. Ashlie started working at craveable brands as a New Product Development Assistance. Soon, her hard…

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Over 20 nationalities working together - THIS IS CRAVEABLE BRANDS 🙌

Craveable People: February 25, 2020

Diversity and inclusion are at the centre of what we do at craveable brands. And they are part of the team that make this company successful and diverse everyday 🙌…

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From Red Rooster Crew Member to Head of Operations | Ben Hughes | S1/E4

Craveable People: February 17, 2020

From Red Rooster Crew Member to Head of Operations & Delivery — how impressive is that?😮 Well, this is exactly Ben Hughes‘s inspiring story with Red Rooster. Ben Hughes joined…

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Diversity and inclusion are at the centre of what we do at craveable brands.

Craveable People: February 10, 2020

Aloha, ciao, hola, hej, hallo, schalom, jambo… WELCOME TO CRAVEABLE BRANDS! 🤗 #Diversity and #inclusion are at the centre of what we do at craveable brands., and this was the…

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From Oporto to Red Rooster | Brad Strydom | S1/E3

Craveable People: February 10, 2020

Brad Strydom joined the craveable brands. family 3 years ago as State Manager for Oporto. One year after, he was offered a great position as part of Red Rooster‘s team!…

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From Employee Relations to Project Manager | Charlene Metcalfe | S1/E2

Craveable People: February 1, 2020

Charlene Metcalfe (aka Charlie) has 15 years in the industry with experience in Australia and Internationally, she is now part of the Craveable & Oporto familia. Charlie’s career is fenomenal.…

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craveable brands. appoints Karen Bozic as New Group Chief Executive Officer

Craveable People: November 18, 2019

Karen Bozic appointed Group CEO and Director; Brett Houldin steps down as Group CEO and Director. craveable brands. today announced that Karen Bozic has been appointed Group CEO and a…

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Chicken is King in Australia!

Craveable People: October 10, 2019

It’s World Chicken Day… and our research shows Chicken is King in Australia…   New figures show Aussies have a ravenous appetite for chicken  It’s World Chicken Day and the…

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#CRAVERBDAY - Happy Birthday to the May/June team!

Craveable People: June 6, 2019

#CRAVERBDAY – Low sugar, low carbs & fat free Happy Birthday celebration for our May/June team 🙌 🎂 Cupcakes and best wishes for you!! Janaina Lisboa-Senecky, Anabela Marcal, Marino Musumeci,…

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Craveable People: May 8, 2019

Our basket team has played today the first #LunchtimeLegends match and well… result is not always the most important part, is it? This time the team from the Collective Wellness…

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How do we support our Franchise Partners?

Craveable People: April 30, 2019

All about people supporting people. Here at craveable brands. we operate over 570 restaurants across 3 iconic Australian chicken brands: Red Rooster, Oporto and Chicken Treat. Combined, our restaurants hire over 12,500 employees and serve over 150,000 customers a day. It’s safe to say we’re cooking.…

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Chief People Officer - Meet Trudie Harriman

Craveable People: March 7, 2019

#CraverWomensWeek: She is Trudie Harriman, our Chief People Officer. And she makes us proud. Trudie is a Craver from early February and when she was asked “why did she decide…

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Our fabulous receptionist - Meet JJ

Craveable People: March 6, 2019

#CraverWomensWeek: She is JJ, our fabulous receptionist. And she makes us proud. Imagine that you could have at your front-house a girl that not only makes your life easier, but…

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NSW Franchising Manager - Meet Fernanda Camerini

Craveable People: March 5, 2019

#CraverWomensWeek: She is Fernanda, our NSW Franchising Manager. And she makes us proud. Reliable, committed and organised, Fernanda has been with the brand for over 10 years. Started as Admin…

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Senior CRM Manager - Meet Louise Berger

Craveable People: March 4, 2019

#CraverWomenWeek: She is Louise, our Senior CRM Manager. And she makes us proud. Considerate, dedicated and energetic, she has been part of the IT team for the last 1 year…

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Head of Design - Meet Nick Hutchison-Smith

Craveable People: February 1, 2019

CREATIVE DESIGN AND GOOD MESSAGING – NOT SUCH A TALL ORDER FOR THIS A GENTLE GIANT Nick Hutchison-Smith describes the last two years at Craveable Brands as some of the…

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What Craveable Brands looks for in new franchisees

Craveable People: January 26, 2019

Operating over 570 restaurants across Australia – and growing – a key element to that growth is finding the right franchise partners to join our brands. Here we talk to…

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Head of Menu Innovation – Meet Kirsten Chessor

Craveable People: January 20, 2019

PUTTING THE YUM INTO CRAVEABLE WITH MENU INNOVATION AND NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT. What does it take to bring a menu item idea to life? As Craveable Brands’ Head of Menu…

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Enterprise Services Manager - Meet Tyler Mason

Craveable People: December 25, 2018

THE GADGET GUY WHOSE PASSION FOR TECH FAST TRACK UP THE RANKS TO SUCCESS. Tyler Mason may be only 22, but the Craveable Brands Enterprise Services Manager already has many…

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Empowering people to be successful in life

Craveable People: November 14, 2018

THE MOTHER OF ALL TRAINERS – BUILDING LEARNING PATHWAYS AND LONG-TERM CAREERS With around 12,000 staff in her remit (many of them young crew) as the Head of Learning and…

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National Manager Property and Leasing - Meet Mark Hooper

Craveable People: November 11, 2018

JUMPING THROUGH HOOPS FOR FRANCHISE SUCCESS So many factors contribute to the success of a franchise business, but one of the most important is location. That’s where Mark Hooper, otherwise…

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Head of Technical – Meet Toni Spicer-Chase

Craveable People: November 5, 2018

FROM FARM GIRL TO GAME CHANGER – PUTTING THE QUALITY IN QA Toni Spicer-Chase has no problem in going that extra mile in her role as Head of Technical at…

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Head of Supply Chain - Meet Brett Shephard

Craveable People: October 10, 2018

BE CALM AND THINK FAST – A MAN ON A MISSION To keep a major supply chain going in a QSR business is a big deal.  You need to be…

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