Chicken Treat has proudly been rescuing hungry West Australians (and a few lucky central-Queenslanders) since 1976.

Extraordinary Chicken is the hero here.

We are on a quest to bring a little more punch to the delectable with our soul-satisfying chicken and contagious smiles. We surprise and delight customers by smashing the best of both worlds; our Crunchified super succulent bird and our classic rotisserie roast. It’s bold, it’s in your face flavour, we bring the drool and make you scream out ‘DANG!’.

An iconic Australian brand, Chicken Treat are the Chicken Heroes with a network of over 58 stores across Western Australia and Queensland. With aggressive growth plans for the future including the development of new stores and an extensive refurbishment program supported by continuous menu innovation and a laser focus on CX, there’s a whole world of franchising opportunity on offer to the right candidates (aka Chicken Heroes!).