Michael Schofield

Chief Information Officer, craveable brands.


Michael Schofield is the Chief Information Officer at craveable brands., a leading Australian quick service restaurant operator and home of three iconic brands: Red Rooster, Oporto and Chicken Treat

Over the past 30 years Michael holds a wealth of Technology, Business Operations and Franchising experience, working with globally recognised brands such as McDonald’s Restaurants and Woolworths Limited. As an experienced business leader in a highly competitive marketplace, Michael knows how to navigate the technology tightrope, balancing the nimble and fail fast needs of the business with decisions and partnering that secure a strategic roadmap of driving revenue, margin, stability and scalability.

Michael has two key core values, firstly ensuring the business looks at technology through the lens of the consumer, with a focus on implementing platforms that drive customer engagement. Secondly is Michael's absolute respect for restaurant operations staff and franchisee partners, providing stakeholders a seat and voice at the table in the strategy and design of both business and customer solutions.

Outside the fast pace world of operating three iconic Aussie brands, Michael’s other “fast pace” passion is his love for running half marathons, and especially to smash his goal of breaking under the magic 100 minute finishing time!

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